Orthodontic braces are the ideal solution for those with crooked, narrow teeth or an irregular bite (upper and lower bite). Braces help straighten teeth and improve bite with cables and braces. Promotes healthy teeth and facial contours.

Why do you need it?

If your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together, this can put pressure on your jaw muscles. This causes TMJ problems, muscle fatigue, and headaches. Serious malocclusion causes deformity of the face, tongue problems and nutritional problems. Orthodontics helps keep teeth in shape and bite, which reduces muscle tension.

Who needs braces?

Teeth can move at any age. As your child grows, the gums (the bones around the teeth) form more easily, making them feel better. In adults, the results are very slow because bone growth has already begun. Therefore, it is recommended to start orthodontic treatment as soon as the child, parent or dentist recognizes the problem. Braces help children overcome childhood habits such as thumb sucking, thumb sucking, tongue pressing, or working too long.