Full dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Loss of teeth makes it difficult to eat and speak, and facial muscles relax and look old. Dentures improve the appearance and contours of your face and improve your ability to chew food. Full dentures can be “regular” or “instant”. Existing dentures can be inserted into the mouth approximately 8-12 weeks after the tooth is extracted and the gums heal.

The patient does not need to lose a tooth during the healing phase and can be used immediately after extraction. Over time, however, the bones and gums are reabsorbed. Thus, the disadvantage of instant prostheses compared to traditional prostheses is that they require a longer adjustment over several months during the healing process.

These prostheses are a temporary solution until traditional methods become available.

Are there any alternatives to removable dentures?

Yes, dental implants and bridges are the preferred method of replacing part or all of your missing teeth today. Feels similar to natural teeth, but is usually more expensive. If you are looking for an alternative permanent dental treatment in Jaipur, contact us.