What is a crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to close a damaged or deformed tooth. When teeth are damaged but not lost, crowns help restore shape, size, strength and shape. Usually, if a tooth is broken and the bearings cannot fix the problem, a crown is required. Contact us online for more information on crown treatments at Sushila Dental Hospital in Jaipur.

Why you need it? »To protect decayed and weak teeth» To preserve cracked or badly worn teeth »To preserve large bearing teeth» To close root canals »What are the types of cosmetic crowns? There are many types of crowns, and it is advisable to choose a material suitable for the condition of the tooth.

PFM is made of metal and ceramics. The metal frame provides sufficient strength, while the porcelain emphasizes the overall shape of the crown, giving it a white and natural look. The advantages are high wear resistance, good fit and aesthetic appearance. However, these crowns may tend to develop light gray metal wires at the gum surface as the gum shrinks over time. ..

They are still ahead in strength and durability. Brass Dental Veneers Cost in Jaipur. These crowns are made using toothpaste and are durable. It will not crack or break. They do not support opposite natural teeth and are very strong. However, the disadvantage, unlike other ceramic crowns, is that the gold color does not look natural.