Clear Aligner CAD / CAM Aligner is one of the best ways to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. This is a significant step forward in the modern concept of orthodontic treatment for adults without the use of traditional wire and hook methods.

The invisible aligner is a removable medical plastic device that patients wear in place of the usual braces to correct misaligned teeth.

Advantages of CAD / CAM capsules:

  • Completely invisible
  • Can treat people of any age from 14 years
  • Improve smile and aesthetics
  • Removable improves oral hygiene
  • Ideal device for treating gum disease
  • Remove even if curable
  • Possible before imaging.
  • Post-Results Treatment
  • Reduced Treatment Time

Innovation in invisible orthodontic appliances not only provides patient comfort, aesthetic and hygiene benefits, but also provides clinicians with control and predictability.