Partial dentures are removable dentures that replace part of the missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth is an important step in maintaining a healthy smile. They can be made from flexible materials, acrylic or cast metal frame.

Flexible Partial Denture 32 Flexible Partial Denture Smile Stone A new comfortable, metal-free and aesthetically pleasing flexible partial denture is called the Valpaste. Transparency allows the natural color of the patient’s tissue to show through the material. It gives a natural feel without a metallic tinge.

It is also lightweight and can be easily adjusted by the patient. For more information on the treatment of flexible partial dentures in Jaipur, please write to us. Acrylic partial denture 32 Smilestone Acrylic partial denture Existing acrylic partial dentures are mainly used as short term dentures.

It consists of an acrylic base with plastic teeth and gums. Cast Metal Partial Dentures 32 Smile Stone Cast metal consists of a metal frame and metal braces or other devices for added strength. The teeth are positioned upward and surrounded by pink gums.