Like many others, you may want to see immediate results from teeth whitening. You can also whiten your teeth in a professional environment under the full guidance of your dentist. Teeth whitening procedures are available in the office and usually take about an hour. At our Sushila dental Hospital in Jaipur, you can count on 6-10 color teeth whitening, resulting in a brighter, whiter and more confident smile.

What is teeth whitening procedure?

The fastest way to create a bright smile in the office is with white technique. Your teeth will become lighter and lighter in just 1 hour. It is a whitening process widely used worldwide to reduce discoloration of enamel and dentine.

Who needs Zoom whitening procedure? As you age, your teeth can become dirty or black. For teeth whitening, whitening is highly recommended.

How it works? First, separate your teeth and gums with a rubber pad and a cotton swab. Apply the whitening gel to your teeth. ADVANCED ZOOM LIGHT activates ADVANCED ZOOM GEL. The gel and light work together to penetrate the teeth and whiten them.