What are the indications for tooth extraction?

  • 32 Smiling tooth extraction
  • Teeth or wisdom teeth
  • Severe caries that cannot be cured with a coating
  • Pulp damage that cannot be cured with root canal treatment
  • Root canal defects
  • Teeth movement leading to excessive bone loss and periodontal disease
  • Hyperbaric orthodontic treatment treatment (Strats)
  • Chemistry Patients at high risk of infection undergoing therapy or organ transplants
  • Failure to preserve teeth due to falling or injury
  • Broken or broken teeth cannot be repaired
  • Broken teeth associated with the jaw
  • Preservation of milk teeth

Excess or extra teeth Problems with the growth of other teeth When are wisdom teeth removed? If it doesn’t cause a problem, your dentist won’t want to get rid of it.

Wisdom tooth extraction says: “The wisdom tooth does not have enough room in the mouth to put it in the right place, which causes pain and discomfort.” These teeth are lazy and difficult to care for. »Wisdom tooth extraction at Sushila Dental Hospital in Jaipur Dental Clinic.